About us

Azeraluminium LLC is a leading company in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the only primary aluminium producer in the South Caucasus. The Aluminum Complex foundation was laid by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in March 2008.

The Aluminum Complex started Phase I of its primary aluminium production with an annual production capacity of 50,000 MT in 2011-2012. The Mill (Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, Rolling and Coating Plant) started its production testing in May 2013. The Aluminium Complex Opening Ceremony has taken place on January 21st 2013 in the presence of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Ilham Aliyev.

Azeraluminium headquarters are situated in Ganja city with the Complex’s total area of 81 hectares and internal area of 102.000 m². The Aluminum Complex combines 4 plants (Electrolysis Plant, Anode Processes Plant, Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, Rolling and Coating Plant), 2 auxiliary facilities (110 kw and Silicon Rectifier Substations, and Mechanical Repair Station), and other facilities. The current total number of employees is 1084. Our main energy source is Mingachevir Hydropower Station. We are proud to be using sustainable sources of energy for our production. In order to satisfy the required energy demand of the Complex a 330 Kv substation has been built.


We produce and offer aluminium products such as primary aluminium, continuous casting coils and cold-rolled products. Our products are produced in accordance with the highest international standards and are widely used and applied in various markets across the world.

We meet our business partners’ expectations by using integrated systems for quality control. Having confidence in its product quality and corporate structure, the company exports 90% of its products to more than 15 countries around the world. Our strategic geographic location allows us to deliver quickly, which is an advantage for our customers. Our products are used in construction, automotive, advertising, packaging (food & beverage), energy (transformers, cables, etc.), and other sectors.

Our ongoing current and long-term expansion plans are:

  • Development of Dashkasan alunite mine to supply the alumina refinery and the chemical complex with local raw material;
  • Modernization of Ganja Alumina Refinery with 480 000 tons of annual production capacity;
  • Construction of a Chemical Complex specializing in alunite-based mineral fertilizer production;
  • Production capacity expansion of Aluminium Smelter to up to 250 000 tons/year;
  • Calcination Plant construction with 250 000 tons of annual production capacity and an Anode Plant with 125 000 tons of annual production capacity;
  • Reconstruction of Sumgait Aluminium Plant using the latest advanced technologies;
  • Production of a wide range of aluminium products;
  • Additional production

Our values

Our mission is to utilize the non-ferrous ore deposits of Azerbaijan as an input resource in order to produce value-added downstream products and semi-processed goods, and to use research and development for further growth of Azerbaijan’s metal industry. We are committed to investing in human resource potential in the country and into environmental sustainability. One of our socio-economic missions is to create new jobs and to provide new employment opportunities in the region.

Our corporate governance model is based on clear principles of allocation of responsibility and transparency which are necessary for the company’s sustainable growth and value generation trajectory. We follow our mission with true belief in our values.


Management team