Aluminum is a key material for automakers. Its use in the automotive industry is accelerating due to its unique properties which allows increased performance in the fastest, safest, most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.


Due to its lightness, ductility, durability, corrosion resistance and hygiene properties aluminum is widely used in the packaging industry. Currently Azeraluminium produces special alloys which are used in foil production both locally and abroad.


Due to its unique set of properties such as being lightweight, structurally strong, and possessing high thermal characteristics, aluminum is a material of choice in the white goods sector.  It is used widely in production of many home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners etc.


Aluminum is widely used in signage and advertising, for example in street signs, light boxes, and roll-ups production, etc. Unlike plastic which eventually breaks down due to the sun exposure and outdoor environmental conditions, aluminum has proven its durability and reliability over time.


Aluminum is an essential metal used in construction. It has a wide range of industrial applications. For instance, Azeraluminium produces window spacers that are used by window manufacturers, corrugated aluminum sheets that are used for roofing, fencing and other applications, and aluminum sheets are used in composite wall panel manufacturing. These products are in high demand among our customers.


Aluminum is a preferred material in electric power industry. Its light weight, low density and high conductivity properties make it an ideal material to be used in electric power lines, transformers, and other products’ production.