Cold rolling plant and Coating line

Cold Rolling and coating Plant

Cold Rolling and coating Plant specializes in processing of aluminium semi-final products like coils and sheets. The thickness ranges from 0.2 mm to 3 mm (0.008”-0.118”) and the width ranges from 20 mm-1650 mm (0.787”-64.96”).

Processed products like aluminium strips, sheets, coils, window spacers and corrugated sheets can be further used in production as semi-final products. Through implementation of the latest technology Azeraluminium produces high quality products which are in high demand both locally and abroad.

Cutting line

The process of unrolling, cutting and stacking of 0.3-3 mm (0.012”-0.118”) thickness and 1000-1700 mm (39.37”-66.929”) width coils is carried out on the cutting line.

Specification of final products:

Sheet width:

750 ~ 1,650 mm (29.528”-64.96”)

Sheet length:

1,000 ~ 6,000mm (39.37”-236.22”)

Max. sheet stack height:

150 ~ 500 mm (5.906”-19.685”)

Max. sheet stack weight:

10 tons

Slitting line

The process of unrolling of 0.2-2 mm (0.008”-0.079”) thickness and 1000-1700 mm (39.37”-66.929”) width coils and their subsequent slitting into 20 – 1650 mm (0.787”-64.96”) coils is carried out on the slitting line.

Specification of final products:

Final product width:

0.2~2.0 mm (0.008”-0.079”)

Final product length:

20~1650 mm (0.787”-64.96”)

Max. coil weight:

10 tons

Coating line

The company produces high quality coated aluminum coils which are made using the latest technology. These products (with 0.2-1.0 mm thickness and 700-1300 mm width) have many unique chemical and mechanical properties, and are widely used not only in construction, but also in production of home, medical, electrical appliances, and commercial equipment. High quality coating is achieved by utilizing modern coating methods which leads to the metal gaining some unique properties. This in turn allows it to be used in any environment and climate conditions. Due to its elasticity and unlimited bending radius various shaped products can be produced.