Azeraluminium became a company of choice for many suppliers in the aluminum industry. Our procurement team always strives to purchase the best products and services in accordance with the production needs. The materials and services are provided by local and international suppliers. The quality of materials and services that we use is of paramount importance for us and therefore, we always choose the best suppliers.

Raw materials are delivered from different countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Russia, Belarus, and Jamaica and are stored in our warehouses which are fully equipped to keep materials in the required condition. Before entering the production process, samples of raw materials are analyzed and tested by our specialists in modern laboratories to ensure high quality of the final product.

According to our procurement policy all purchases of materials and services are carried out through via a tender process, request for proposal and quotation. We ensure fairness and transparency during purchasing procedures. All procurement is done in accordance with the Procurement Law of Azerbaijan Republic and internal procurement procedures of our company.