Modernization and restart of alumina plant

Ganja Alumina Refinery Plant

A project of a pilot alumina refinery plant with 500 000 tons annual production capacity was implemented in 1930-1931 and approved by Union-aluminium in the end of 1931. Ganja Alumina Refinary Plant was commissioned in the end of 1933. Construction of Ganja Alumina Refinery Plant started in 1955. In the period from 1966 till 1997 the plant produced alumina using alunite extracted from Zaylik alunite deposits in Dashkesan region. 18.4 mln tons of alunite ore was processed and as a result 2.1 mln tons of alumina, 0.8 mln tons of fertilizers, and 4.5 mln tons of sulfuric acid was produced during this period.

Modernization and restart of alumina plant

✓ Location: Ganja;

✓ Output capacity: 480,000 mt;

✓ Production of sandy metallurgical grade alumina;

✓ Azeraluminium to consume:

    • 120,000 MTs n Year 1;
    • 240,000 MTs in Year 2;
    • The volume of produced alumina will be sufficient for satisfying both the internal production, as well as local and foreign markets demand. Production profitability will be ensured by permanent demand from our guaranteed customers.