“Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation” OJC has been operating for 3 years

“Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation” Open Joint-Stock Company, established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Mr. Ilham Aliyev, dated November 6, 2017, has been operating for 3 years.

Establishment of the Corporation is one of the important steps taken for the future development of the country’s economy. The Corporation’s main objectives are: increasing the efficiency of state property management, establishing favorable cooperative relations between the enterprises under its management, carrying out reconstruction work for the application of advanced technologies, integrating modern management mechanisms and strengthening their production capacity. During the period of its operation, Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation OJSC has taken a number of important measures aimed at improving the living standards of the population by increasing the output and quality of industrial production and creating new jobs in the country, especially in its regions.

It was noted that the opening of the educational branch of AzTU in Ganja will give impetus to the development of training opportunities in the field of metallurgy in the region. It was noted that in the future, part of the branch will operate as a research center, for implementation of joint scientific and innovation development work. At the same time, an agreement was reached to establish an experimental laboratory on the basis of AzTU.

It should be noted that the intention is organization of internships for bachelor and master students of AzTU in the complex and providing the necessary support, ensuring the graduation and master’s dissertation topics are based in the industry operation, also creating opportunities for students living in the region to implement the educational process and joint research. In addition, it is intended to create opportunities technical vocational and secondary special education jointly with the Ganja Aluminum Complex.