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HOLDING is a leading group of companies in the sphere of Azerbaijan Republic non-ferrous industry that produce aluminum oxide (alumina), primary aluminum and semi-final aluminum products (such as aluminum sheet – in list and roll forms, both sides painted sheet and lists) of bauxite and alunite ore.

The base institution of the Aluminum Complex is located in Ganja city. Total area of the Complex is 81,0 hectares and total building (construction) area covers 102.000 m² (square meters). The Complex consists of 4 plants (Electrolysis Plant, Anode Processes Plant, Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, Rolling and Coating Plant), 2 subsidiary fields (110 kw and Silicon Rectifier Substations, Mechanical Repair Station), a lot of workshops, industrial and social objects. Total quantity of the Holding workers are 910 persons.

Aluminum Complex foundation laid by President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliev in March, 2008.

The first Phase of Aluminum Complex started to the production with the 50.000 tons annual production capacity since October, 2011. Aluminum Complex Semi-Final production plants ( Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, Rolling and Coating Plant) started to testing production since May, 2013. The official opening ceremony of the plants laid by President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliev on January 21, 2014. Annual production capacity of the Plants is 50.000 tons. Construction of the Aluminum Complex Electrolysis Plant second phase continues. Construction process is planning to be completed in the near future .

The next 3 years is planning: To increase Aluminum Complex Electrolysis Plant annual production capacity up to 200.000 tons; To build Anode Plant with annual production capacity 125.000 tons; Reconstruction of Sumgait Aluminum Smelter according to the latest technologies and Reconstruction of Ganja Alumina Plant to produce “sandy” alumina with annual volume production up to 450.000 tons; Production of different range and type of aluminum products on the basis of Semi-Final products plants.