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1. Cold Rolling Equipment. This equipment is designed to dissipate 6-10 mm thick aluminum roll, which is produced in cold weather conditions, under 0.2 mm in cold conditions.

2. Open Reduction Equipment. This equipment is intended for turning and cutting the edges by opening and re-wrapping the aluminum roll with a thickness of 0.25 - 2.0 mm, width of 800 - 1700 mm

3. Thermal Processing Stoves. The aluminum roll is designed to heat the aluminum plate with the same degree of heater, to increase the elasticity and the oil layer on it.

4. Stroke Correction Equipment. Aluminum rolls to be manufactured for high requirements are opened in this equipment and are leveled to the surface, washed and cleaned and the edges are cut.

5. Cutting Cutting Equipment. This equipment is intended for cutting the board with the thickness of 0.3-3.0 mm, the width of 1000 - 1700 mm, and cutting the plate to the top and cutting the sheets.

6. Longitudinal Cutting Equipment. This equipment is intended for cutting the width of 20 - 1650 mm by opening an aluminum roller of 0.2-2.0 mm, width 1000 - 1700 mm.

7. Coloring Line. Dyeing Line, aluminum roll with thickness 0.2-1.0 mm, width 700 - 1300 mm, is intended for the production of high quality painted aluminum plaque by passing chemical cleaning, various painting equipments and furnaces.